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The Longevity of Gift Hampers for Christmas

October 11th, 2016

How Long Do Gift Hampers Last?

Often filled with a variety of goodies and tasty snacks, gift hampers can be some of the most versatile presents available online. With most companies offering an amazing selection of components to choose from – you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to putting your own basket together for a loved one (or even for yourself!)

With prices ranging from as low as $50 AUD and stretching to over $200 for a really luxurious package – they are more than capable of catering to a range of budgets.

One of the most commonly asked questions relating to these types of gifts is ‘will they last till christmas?’ and as you might expect, there’s no sure-fire way to predict this duration – especially as they often consist of consumable items and beverages. The only real way to work out how long you can expect yours to remain usable will require you to think about the components going into it, as well as how many people may be sharing them.

The average basket’s longevity

If you set a budget of $50 for your christmas gift, then you’ll undoubtedly be able to pick no fewer than 10 unique products to go into your basket. There are dozens of categories to choose between, ranging from sweets and chocolates, all the way to savoury snacks and alcoholic beverages.

Each of these products will have a use-by date, but depending on how tasty and appealing they are – they may be finished way before then. It’s safe to say that for a single recipient, a hamper that contains roughly 10 edible items will last for between one and two weeks. If the gift is intended for more than one person, or a small family – then reduce the time by three days per person.

So, a family of five would go through a hamper in one day – or possibly two.

Although this might seem a little short-lived, the fact is that the excitement and enjoyment felt by those in receipt of the gift will last for much longer. This is one of the main reasons why people consider buying these types of gifts for their loved ones. First of all, they will already know that all of the goodies will be put to immediate use.

Secondly, there is also the reassuring fact that the memory of how enjoyable the present was will last a lifetime. As the baskets are completely customisable, you could create an amazingly specialised gift to ideally suit your recipient’s preferences and tastes – and this can provide an even greater level of enjoyment that they will undoubtedly remember for years to come.